Taking an alternative route to architecture…

G’day & Chao (hello in Vietnamese),

I’m so excited to share you my story of my career endeavours in 2017 so far…

I suggest you start reading about my purpose of this blog here

Sorry I forgot to introduce myself. I’m Julianne. I graduated early this year(2017) and am finding the ‘graduate’ experience challenging… One part of writing this blog was to keep me accountable of my ‘doings.’ I hope I can encourage and help you and others get a foot in the door in the architecture profession. Don’t worry, me too – I think I have heard enough of “Get a job already!” or “You graduated already, have you found work yet?” and of course the buzzword question: “Are you working?”

So this is my story – a different story. You can say that I’m ‘ripe’ from graduating. I am reflecting on my university experience, reconnecting those with the dots of the present experiences and trying to imagine what I can do for the very near future (obviously align with my personal values & interests!).

Some of us don’t have an ‘architecture’ job yet and maybe that’s okay. I hope this period of ‘finding work’ is rewarding and plants many seeds for a satisfying career…

Let’s start planting seeds and enjoy the sun while we wait for them to grow (and of course do a little bit of work too!)

Anyways, here is my rough plan of topics that I will write about:

Bk studies:
– Designing your life
– What colour is your parachute?
– Why work? (look at notes)
Careers counsellor
– notes & reflections of consultations
– Volunteering:
   1. Interfaith dialogue facilitator
   2. Production designer
Design prototypes:
– Blog (sustainability)
– Soon… art, film, narrative/creative arts
Sustainable/environment architect
– job title/duties (eg. brimbank sustainability education officer)

Happy reading & stay curious,