My Life Design – Prototype 1

G’day & Chao, 👋

I recently finished the book Designing Your Life.

One of the exercises was to map out our ‘Odyssey Plan’ within a five year timeframe.

Try out the career planning exercise using their resource (pdf). It’s adaptable for everyone and every profession – so go try it out (it really makes you think about your career values & personal lifestyle!)

I’m not the type of person who makes goals or someone who can think ahead and pursue it ambitiously. But for the sake of wanting of wanting to start ‘meaningful’ work to improve society, to share my knowledge and skills, to save money and help my parents, I thought I should at least start planning and thinking of my context, my circumstances and my thoughts/ideas before ‘working’…

It’s crazy at the moment. I started this yesterday and I am overwhelmed that this map is turning into a wild, wild mess or even scrambled eggs.

Fig. 1 – Five notes to record a five year career journey plan. The authors noted to include both career-related & personal life events/needs i.e Designing your ‘life!’

Fig.2 – Close up of some of my doings & near future plans for YEAR 1.

^ If you have noticed, I named the file and the central node to be ‘Interdisciplinary Architect’ – I think that is what I want to be considered as my ‘profession/job title.’

Why interdisciplinary? I was inspired by an architect who documented his story about his ‘work’ lifestyle – he dedicated his first half of his day to his most treasured/favourite hobbies (film-making, writing, model-making) and the latter part of his day was allocated for ‘work’ measures – ringing clients, computer drawing etc.

After watching this video on his youtube channel, it was a catalyst for me to mark my status and progress of what I wanted to be identified as & what work I wanted to be involved with. After all the researching and reading about my architecture, sustainability & environmental interests – having an interdisciplinary mindset.

Sorry, this post should of been titled ‘Year 1 deeds’ (the original name can be used for the completed map which will be finished someday….)

If you’re curious about the program I used, download ‘Mindnode.’ They provide a ‘lite’ version which works well.

Do you have any questions about it? Comment your ideas & plans about your career too and let’s start sharing thoughts! Let’s have a DD (discussion dialogue) 💭 💬

It gets interesting once you share your career plans with someone. I have someone in mind. I am sure that person you share it with will give you a handful of ideas to take away. I have learnt that other people ‘know’ of some things that we don’t know & we learn from each other and vice-versa. Designing your life uses ‘design tools.’ In this case, it’s all about ‘collaboration.’ 

Brainstorming time!

Keep prototyping,

julianne (without the e!)

11/08 – first draft
12/08 – 2nd draft