‘Hamburger’ interdisciplinary thinking

25/08, 11:53am

I just thought about a ‘hamburger.’ (This is my favourite food by the way, how about you?)

Okay back to the subject of the post.

I want to portray what I mean by ‘interdisciplinary.’

I like hamburgers because it tastes great. Why? Because when all of the ‘elements’ are placed together, with the combined different spices and flavours, it tastes ‘whole’ and of course delicious!

So I’m trying to be ‘syncretic‘ with various fields, disciplines, skills that can be attributed to an ‘architect.’

I aim to relate to an architect that has many, diverse, skills, disciplines and knowledge to create an ‘all-rounded’ burger with different elements to help create new and deep solutions to the ever-changing and interconnected society and even world.

Does that makes sense?

^ first draft