Update on my personal + professional VALUES

Dear world,

I just came across someone who does work in fields of media, ‘faith’ and politics and makes me wonder HOW I can present/introduce/describe my work with faith/cultural values and principles.

This wasn’t a planned post. I felt like I had to write it. I hope if I do forget or waver in my life journey, I can see this post in my blog & try and INTEGRATE my personal values with my professional career.

This is tricky though. My volunteering endeavors have touched me personally.

What does professionalism mean?
Can I be a professional by being myself and incorporate personal values like faith & culture…?
How do I present this to my ‘pitch/brand/BIO?’

I admit that I am a little afraid as I am DIFFERENT. Why does this sound paradoxical? One needs to be different in a WORK world but my experiences have been mainly spiritual/faith encounters with people, ideas and philosophies that form the foundations of my environmental and sustainable views of architecture, society, community and…. *life/human/philosophy (I can’t find the word to describe this).

That is all for this post.

Maybe that’s what I need to work in for 2018….

May your grow and learn in your experience too this coming year too.