G’day and Chao(hello in Vietnamese).

Short version:

I am a second generation born Australian-Vietnamese (+ millennial).

I’m studied ‘Interior Architecture’ at Swinburne University @Melbourne.

I am not confident in calling myself an ‘architect.’ Although, I have qualities of an ‘architect,’ I would like to keep my profession a bit broad(I guess for now…).

If you ask what I do, I would answer something like:

  • I read, I think, then write..
  • I experience, then document and then analyse…
  • I plan and then plan some more…

^ I repeat daily.

Other architectural stuff i like:
-Process over outcome
-Hand drawing over computer drawing
-Conceptual stage over design development/detailing phase
-Residential projects over commercial projects

Long version:

I never dreamed of being an architect. To be frank, the word ‘dream’ is a bit hard to understand. I don’t understand how people could say they ‘dreamed’ of becoming this and that…

Although looking back as a child, I have snapshots of what I enjoyed doing – crafts, puzzles, reading… I loved creating things with lego, cash register toys and doll houses.

Fast forward to Year 12, I had to make a decision. At that time, it felt that I had to choose the right course to find the right job to be successful… *I can still hear my Vietnamese parents…

I was tossing between art and science. Art or science? I put down ‘Interior Design’ and placed Bachelor of Science in second place.

I got offered ‘Interior Design’ at Swinburne University. I remember the first year quite vividly. The long nights, the many extra readings and library visits because learning in class was not enough to make me understand architecture! It was hard 😦

I thought ‘Interior Design’ was like ‘art.’ Yes, we had to ‘draw…’ but I soon realised the ‘technical’ side and the pressures of ‘perfecting’ my work. Was this interior design? Was this architecture?

Days became robotic and I went through life like a routine – wake up early, catch train, eat my banana, attend class, buy a muffin as my reward after class, catch train home, watch tv while eating dinner and then homework til late.

Like many things, I think I persisted & just kept up with it all. Life centred around uni (it took many sacrifices!) and I worked hard at all the projects. I remember being so happy at the end of the year that I got my first distinction in one class.

I wasn’t one of those people who was born to be an architect or had family influences with architecture, I think I was meant to learn about architecture. Calling? Mission maybe? Looking back, I met some valuable people that impacted on my personal and spiritual growth.


  • Architecture gave me knowledge about the world. It’s indeed a big world – culture, economics, technology, environment, health & sciences…
  • Communication is key. Collaborating, teamwork, different relationships between stakeholders in the industry, community, government…
  • Architecture is multidisciplinary (in my case, interdisciplinary). Architecture has many interconnections. Architecture is complex…

^ First draft (old blog)

17/01/18 – should i write an updated about page?