UPDATE on almost 1 year after graduating architecture:

i have some optimistic news for me and soon-to-be out of graduates of architecture.

there is certainly different careers in architecture – ah, i’m so lucky to be born in the 21st century/millennial/gen y (or whatever you want to call it) and to live in melbourne’s ‘eclectic’ design & architectural landscape!

okay, here come the news.

so, i still will be volunteering (climate change work finishes in early may)…

on the other 3 days of the week, i will be a trainee producer at Architel. And… YES, it is a PAID job (mini celebration dance woot-woot)

you are probably thinking FINALLYYYY right? (i will write a post sharing to you on what happened after graduating… both good and bad things unfortunately & fortunately).

i’ll be in training for the next two weeks (i know that i will work with the company for a while – it’s my first change of SAVING UP money & learning about cash flow, maybe tax & all of that)

yepp, ARCHITECTURE + FILM = what a combo!

so the plan is to work with this small film business for half a year (could change, maybe even up to six or nine months – don’t know)… also am thinking of working with a broadcasting tv show on architecture (second half of year…?) – suggested me to speak to the person who runs the show (referrals/links/networks are so important when finding work – one of my GOLDEN RULES for you!)

^ featured image – State Library of Victoria (shadows, tonal contrast, vintage aesthetic – subdued)


g’day & chao, i have something to share

2017 was a bit sloppy. i wanted to blog well about architecture & my experiences but i lacked consistency and motivation to write.

i know i need to edit this after writing.

this new year, i have a drive to get this up & running again because:

  1. i want to explore a lifestyle & career of writing, blogging, freelancing using the power of words, stories as a communication tool.
  2. i want to see how ‘passive income’ works (it would be great if i could make a little bit of money so i can feel a little bit secure financially). i am turning 24 later this year and i have yet to have a proper/formal/professional paid job 😦
  3. experiential prototyping & reflections – 4 years of learning about architecture is a lot! architecture now is interconnected with other experiences of my life – i have a gazillion of synapses in my brain that connects links with architecture to film, to environmental sustainability & philosophy and so on… (i need to get it down because my brain gets tired & hot from the information storage!)

like i said, i have to re-write this again some other time.

i made the move to switch from google blogger to wordpress, hoping that a cleaner, more intuitive interface will help me write consistently, well and honestly.

cheers for growth in 2018 & i will see you in the comments – i want to build a community of graduates, students of architecture, design/architecture/interdisciplinary professionals to engage, talk about, dialogue about architecture, your experiences and in connection with the world.

from a vietnamese-australian milennial girl who lives in melbourne (very privileged to live here!), who graduated, who is volunteering, and writing about these experiences in hopes of something to build, branch out, create connections, allow conversations, something to evolve out of it.  


17/01/18, 8:01pm


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school didn’t teach me about money so i will teach myself

aside from my move from blogger to wordpress (hence, i haven’t touched up on the design & look – need to do very soon)… i will aim to write to you on ‘money’ matters.

i could read and save and store the information for myself or i could share it (& earn a little bit of money from ads on my blog – which i will look into and mention in another post about my prototype to explore passive income).

in past posts, i have talked about my interests beyond architecture and the interconnections of the disciplines with other fields of thinking in society. what i haven’t mentioned is other areas in my life other than trying to ‘be’ career-minded is my spiritual/religious, social, mental and financial life.

my prototypes for this year includes ways to make income. recently, i went to my local library and carried home books on some things like how young adults can save money or money & life lessons no one told us about or working at home/part-time.

so the things i share will be like a journal entry. it’s better than me reading this for self-gain. i hope you gain something for yourself too. i hope it will be short, sharp & to the point (yell at me if i start to blabber which i often do because it’s my personality & i am horrible at it).

first book i just finished:

The Teen Money Manual by Kara McGuire

-idea of ‘being your own boss’ – the term entrepreneur coins this phrase as starting a business. apparently all entrepreneurs have what’s called ‘ZOG’ – a sense of excitement, anticipation & energy. zest + courage, self motivation, optimism, training oneself to see solutions, not just problems & grit – sticking with things over long term unil one masters them.

-investing: how can one turn $20 & GROW it over some time to make more…?

-getting advice: financial/money mentor – do you have one? i have someone in mind.

i will talk more about this ^ very soon.

this is like a trial post & proof to remind myself that i will continue building on this knowledge & mindset for this new year to aim to make some money for my parents to see! (that is also for another post on millennials thinking on money versus baby boomers).

getting back to reading now, chaoo.




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Career update after six month post-graduate period

G’day & Chao (hello in Vietnamese),

It has been a while since I last updated (goodness, I realised I have an array of pages/blogs that I write on and I leave this site out).

It is early October – happy new month to you! I hope your endeavours and goals for this month are exciting like mine (or not, everyone’s experiences are different 😀).

I just got back from a short trip overseas and I have already ventured on a new beginning or should I say a new ‘prototype…’

The timing of this work is interesting… Funny how things get lined up… or other events obstruct your vision/goal/aim…

Short story:

I attended an ‘environmental’ event run by my local council near my house. It was ‘sustainability-related’ and I wanted to go to learn about what the council talks about in terms of ‘sustainability’ and I intended to meet the Brimbank team to discuss volunteering opportunities.

I emailed one of the environmental officers and she referred me to the head coordinator. This went on for another three months when there was a month of no contact and I noted it down to follow it up (as I heard of no response).

Finally, the head coordinator agreed to meet me, she scheduled early October (meant to meet her late September but I was overseas) and here I am after a short day at work as an intern today.

I didn’t imagine myself working in a intern(volunteering position) at their office. I imagined myself outdoors helping with their building/environmental events…

Well, I am excited of what’s to come.

It’s a 3 month contract.

I am hoping I get some pay i.e a part time job afterwards. If not, I will make use of the people of different fields and sectors (need to add on linkedin) to help me on my next path on my career journey.

So, working for the council is my ‘first.’ First memory of work.

I’m glad. The office environment (people) are nice & the work culture is pretty good.

Funny, when I first met the team with the head coordinator – she talked a bit about the projects and I shared a bit about me. I realised afterwards that it was an INTERVIEW! (but a semi-informal style which was less overwhelming for me & lucky!)

I share my thoughts on my first day:

Thank you for reading,


Listen to this thought:

Breathe in.

Breathe out.

I just had a thought. A thought that was reassuring. I hope it is a good reminder for you too.

It takes time.

Do what you can. Make use of what you have. Jump at opportunities. Try and not overwhelm yourself with too many ‘doings.’

Pick a couple and do it well.

I want to try this… I want to go overseas and travel to do this… I want to buy this…


breathe in… pause. and breathe out.

Remember to rest too.

That’s what I need – a good sleep.

Have a productive week + make room for yourself to breathe and laugh,

My Life Design – Prototype 1

G’day & Chao, 👋

I recently finished the book Designing Your Life.

One of the exercises was to map out our ‘Odyssey Plan’ within a five year timeframe.

Try out the career planning exercise using their resource (pdf). It’s adaptable for everyone and every profession – so go try it out (it really makes you think about your career values & personal lifestyle!)

I’m not the type of person who makes goals or someone who can think ahead and pursue it ambitiously. But for the sake of wanting of wanting to start ‘meaningful’ work to improve society, to share my knowledge and skills, to save money and help my parents, I thought I should at least start planning and thinking of my context, my circumstances and my thoughts/ideas before ‘working’…

It’s crazy at the moment. I started this yesterday and I am overwhelmed that this map is turning into a wild, wild mess or even scrambled eggs.

Fig. 1 – Five notes to record a five year career journey plan. The authors noted to include both career-related & personal life events/needs i.e Designing your ‘life!’

Fig.2 – Close up of some of my doings & near future plans for YEAR 1.

^ If you have noticed, I named the file and the central node to be ‘Interdisciplinary Architect’ – I think that is what I want to be considered as my ‘profession/job title.’

Why interdisciplinary? I was inspired by an architect who documented his story about his ‘work’ lifestyle – he dedicated his first half of his day to his most treasured/favourite hobbies (film-making, writing, model-making) and the latter part of his day was allocated for ‘work’ measures – ringing clients, computer drawing etc.

After watching this video on his youtube channel, it was a catalyst for me to mark my status and progress of what I wanted to be identified as & what work I wanted to be involved with. After all the researching and reading about my architecture, sustainability & environmental interests – having an interdisciplinary mindset.

Sorry, this post should of been titled ‘Year 1 deeds’ (the original name can be used for the completed map which will be finished someday….)

If you’re curious about the program I used, download ‘Mindnode.’ They provide a ‘lite’ version which works well.

Do you have any questions about it? Comment your ideas & plans about your career too and let’s start sharing thoughts! Let’s have a DD (discussion dialogue) 💭 💬

It gets interesting once you share your career plans with someone. I have someone in mind. I am sure that person you share it with will give you a handful of ideas to take away. I have learnt that other people ‘know’ of some things that we don’t know & we learn from each other and vice-versa. Designing your life uses ‘design tools.’ In this case, it’s all about ‘collaboration.’ 

Brainstorming time!

Keep prototyping,

julianne (without the e!)

11/08 – first draft
12/08 – 2nd draft