”work” ”purpose” – i need to go soon

i do not know why i was born here or today or in this century.

feel something. something that is pushing me to head somewhere, a direction. but where?

is time not on my side? why do i feel a sense of urgency? is this typical for ‘millennials?’

i am thinking to leave my paid work in a couple of months and to find other good work to do.

non-for-profit organisations sounds good. i want to take on work that ties with larger, interdisciplinary fields & scopes – issues/things that ties with social, community, environmental, economic, political(oh no) stuff.

-ordinary girl steps, reacts, grapples, raises her voice, listens & asks, documents, ‘philosophizes’ (not a word but you know what i mean) about the world.

  • i go with no business/organisation/team name. no leader. no heirarchy. people chip/fund me to do work in their country – i come to listen and support them.

-i help with their work in exchange to sleep/accomodate in their home and free food is taken care of for me – which means i won’t stay in one place for a prolong period of time. i will walk, ride bikes, walk and walk like a nomad/backpacker in foreign environments/countries – is this not living?

^ i should pack my backpack soon.

and then go.



millennial thinking – living in a economically challenging society …

okay, i am a little bit angry.

i just got some thoughts out to my mum at the dining table before.

it was to do with ‘money.’ haha not funny okay?!

leading up to this day, i was penalised and as a result “paid” money for my fines – car parking, cars, cars, cars.

i then was able to focus on this angry to think of a plan, an alternative plan.

i call it: The NOMAD

ze alternative ‘nomad’ plan:

  • negotiate current work hours to 10am to 4pm or work 4 hours at office and 3 or 4 hours AT HOME
  • build up a ‘side-hustle’ – freelance business, to build up a service/product to earn income over time (passive income?!)
  • sell my car – DITCH driving and walk nomad style(yeah!), take public transport instead of ‘owning’ a car (a big asset which costs a lot of money to have- insurance, annual registration fees etc.)


-my mum wants me to live at home with her (i will save a lot of money, thank you mum). i’m also considering building a small/’tiny’ home out of shipping containers as my own studio/office

^ i can imagine myself travelling and being out & about (haha ‘nomad’) but when i’m home, my mum’s home is my home.

^what if i have a partner and want to settle down? hmm probably not – again SAVING $$

  • how long before i start applying these? i am trying to think realistically – if i work at different places/jobs for 3-4 years, i can have some money to do things i want (live/work overseas?!) this is what i call the SAFE income – working hard to save for the initial coming streams of money.


-i will rely on people – driving favours(carpool though!)

-difficult to get around outside my local community area

  • being a ‘nomad,’ i will also USE up a lot of the time walking, taking slower modes of transport – time will be used up (hmm….)

what about you? do i sound crazy for having this plan…?

#alternativeliving, #economicsin21stcentury, #millennialstruggles, #thenextgeneration, #thestateoftheworld

‘ky niem’ or ‘experiences’ in your life i.e career

“I’m doing work experience…”

“Work experience… paid?”

“No. But I feel like it’s a job.”

“No. I mean paid work. Are you going to look for a job.”

^ This was a conversation on the train home from work today with my old high school friend.

Can you read the ‘tone’ of the conversation?

On the exterior, I was trying to maintain a ‘composed’ demeanour but inside I was frustrated. Why does this world care about money PLUS job.

Can we work for free?

Are we ‘secure’ when we work WITH money?! (I have been volunteering and I find its work quite fulfilling and satisfying without ‘tangible’ rewards of a man-made system).

Okay so I may be over-dramatic and missing out on some main points like:

– You need money to pay back to the things you ‘owe’ the bank, council, services you use…
– You need to ‘save’ up money so I can use the money for ‘something…’
– You need money because the world now cannot be ‘stable’ without money ‘in…’

I guess I am the only one okay with no ‘gains’ in income as of yet…

Okay, I will get to the main story of this piece now:

The last blog I wrote was about the unfairness of interns have in unpaid situations when their labour is used for primarily FOR the company/organisation.

I noted things about my experience at my council workplace so far and I would like to clear this up.

Amazing – this conversation was brought up today at the office and I was as open and honest as can be.

I wanted to speak up a little.

It began with us discussing about my duration of work up until Christmas and options after. I told her I hoped to be continuing working with them but in a PAID position. She said that council was struggling with financing and providing for interns like me. This is new to me so I nodded and tried to be open and non-judgemental.

I am glad we talked about this because then she referred to what she called ‘volunteer rules’ of the council. She shared stories of big companies exploiting volunteers… and that she wanted me to SPEAK UP about my wants and dislikes… being verbal about the work I do – whether it aligns with my skills and related to my field etc.

This is important – words can imply things differently to people. One understands and assumes it this way and another differently. I was unsure about the word ‘intern’ and ‘volunteer.’

This is why graduates, young students should speak up when in need of help understanding about workplace or any question that arises. It doesn’t hurt to speak up about what we think – as long as we’re open and ‘transparent’ with each other in a civilised, respectful face-to-face manner I think.

I’m learning so many things like this for example. I’m not learning about architecture but I’m learning about how society, community and the world works.

I feel engaged with the world. Thus engaged with life.

Just gotta keep going and see where this leads.

Rest time,


p.s – ‘ky niem’ in the blog title means experience in Vietnamese!