”work” ”purpose” – i need to go soon

i do not know why i was born here or today or in this century.

feel something. something that is pushing me to head somewhere, a direction. but where?

is time not on my side? why do i feel a sense of urgency? is this typical for ‘millennials?’

i am thinking to leave my paid work in a couple of months and to find other good work to do.

non-for-profit organisations sounds good. i want to take on work that ties with larger, interdisciplinary fields & scopes – issues/things that ties with social, community, environmental, economic, political(oh no) stuff.

-ordinary girl steps, reacts, grapples, raises her voice, listens & asks, documents, ‘philosophizes’ (not a word but you know what i mean) about the world.

  • i go with no business/organisation/team name. no leader. no heirarchy. people chip/fund me to do work in their country – i come to listen and support them.

-i help with their work in exchange to sleep/accomodate in their home and free food is taken care of for me – which means i won’t stay in one place for a prolong period of time. i will walk, ride bikes, walk and walk like a nomad/backpacker in foreign environments/countries – is this not living?

^ i should pack my backpack soon.

and then go.



UPDATE on almost 1 year after graduating architecture:

i have some optimistic news for me and soon-to-be out of graduates of architecture.

there is certainly different careers in architecture – ah, i’m so lucky to be born in the 21st century/millennial/gen y (or whatever you want to call it) and to live in melbourne’s ‘eclectic’ design & architectural landscape!

okay, here come the news.

so, i still will be volunteering (climate change work finishes in early may)…

on the other 3 days of the week, i will be a trainee producer at Architel. And… YES, it is a PAID job (mini celebration dance woot-woot)

you are probably thinking FINALLYYYY right? (i will write a post sharing to you on what happened after graduating… both good and bad things unfortunately & fortunately).

i’ll be in training for the next two weeks (i know that i will work with the company for a while – it’s my first change of SAVING UP money & learning about cash flow, maybe tax & all of that)

yepp, ARCHITECTURE + FILM = what a combo!

so the plan is to work with this small film business for half a year (could change, maybe even up to six or nine months – don’t know)… also am thinking of working with a broadcasting tv show on architecture (second half of year…?) – suggested me to speak to the person who runs the show (referrals/links/networks are so important when finding work – one of my GOLDEN RULES for you!)

^ featured image – State Library of Victoria (shadows, tonal contrast, vintage aesthetic – subdued)

‘Human'(itarian) Design/Architecture

Interdisciplinary Trio

Architecture –> Humanitarian design
Nature          –> Sustainable/environmentally friendly
Faith/spiritual-> Self awareness, community building & sharing

Here’s a short backstory…

He was big. Not in the ‘physical’ sense but he had a ‘big’ personality.
He also had many wrinkles on his face and white and grey hair.
He most probably was retired.

Meet Tony.

G’day & Chao (hello in Vietnamese),

I went to a ‘Faith & Environment’ workshop a couple of weeks ago, run by ARRCC (Australian Religious Response to Climate Change). In one of the workshop sessions, we had to go around the circle sharing our ‘eco-conversion’ story. I was fortunate that an architect was sitting next to me. One man overheard our conversation and he abruptly stopped our conversation and shared his feats to the group…

He was a good man though. His personality was a bit strong though. I understand though.

Despite him being not so popular in the group, he sat next to me in the next workshop session. We managed to chat a little (even though I tried not to – the facilitator was talking but I also wanted to respect him too). He showed me his accomplishment as a ‘builder’ and ‘designer.’ He apparently won the ‘World’s Best Disaster House design competition many years ago. He walked up to me and showed his certificate – Wow, I thought. I should learn more from him. Design competition – I would love to try that one day.

He wrote down his contact details and I met him yesterday.

I respected him even more when he apologised for his ‘behaviour’ on that day. I nodded my head and I told him that I understand. He went over the specifications and drawing details I needed to do for his ‘Bambcrete House‘ design.

His winning competition design of a tsunami build consists of:
– PVC pipes
– Bamboo reinforcements
– Concrete fill

I will draft these in the next week or so, I will post them up soon (due to copyright issues, please keep these drawings to yourself).

Interdisciplinary reflections…
– I got to know him as a fellow citizen on Earth. There was no one other than myself – he was being himself.
– He has a life story – narrated here & can be read here (news)
– He has a great gift – creating ‘innovative’ solutions. That’s why he’s an engineer/technologist.
– His life serving mission – to help the poor in Indonesia.
Interdisciplinary applications…

– I need to look more into ‘humanitarian design/emergency housing’ …
– Can I combine my knowledge with ‘sustainable/environmental design?’ What kind of spaces/house can I design? In which countries? What type of build? – 
Interdisciplinary keywords…

– ethnography
– social & cultural studies
– community planning and design
– philanthropy
– design & community ACTIVISM
– local politics
– design for the 90%
– volunteer/altruistic

Interdisciplinary questions:

How can we be an architect and use it to serve people like Tony and his skills? Does it change the notion of what an architect is? 

What do you know/think about humanitarian design? What kind of curriculum does your school/uni/college provide about this type of design?

What is it’s role today(in Australia)? Any humanitarian architect firms in Australian you know of?

That’s all for this post fellow citizens. All comments/thoughts/opinions of the questions above are welcome. 
Until the next post…
Let’s connect the dots about the world, dialogue about the world and serve people in the world…