Hands up if you like quotes? Don’t get me started, words give so much meaning!

“…traditional practice has to be questioned. Possibly a section of the profession has to get closer to the attitude that artists have had for so many decades: doing unsolicited work, advancing their own ideas before someone asks them. Maybe architects have to get out of that high place in academia or in the corporate office and go back in the streets and find work there.”

Pedro Gadanho (Portugese architect)


“Any act of design therefore involves multiple kinds of persuading and making.”

Cameron Tonkinwise

“You can never learn less.
You can only learn more.” 

Buckminster Fuller


“The solutions for these problems might not lie within the domain of design alone, and they may be found across a range of subjects and specialities. Therefore, designers will need to adapt themselves to unfamiliar situations and learn how to collaborate with non-designers, recognize patterns among different types of problems, draw on their knowledge and the knowledge of others, search for facts from diverse sources in order to prove or disprove their ideas, and make informed decisions in a systematic and insightful way. … However, if designers want to be recognized as thought leaders who can play a significant role in the development of new insights and solutions, they will need to learn how to conduct research and operate in a cross-disciplinary manner – and this inevitably becomes a question of design education. However, introducing these skills within the design curriculum can be a challenging process. ” – Research for Designers: A Guide to Methods and Practice (Gjoko Muratovski)